My Projects

This page is dedicated to my personal projects, ideas and dreams I have related with the social issues and situations I encounter around me.

Some of the projects are only in start-up phase meaning I am looking for ways to finance them or looking for people to get involved. Most of my projects here can be replicated in different societies and communities, as the concept is flexible and adaptable.


The project aims to empower women who are selling their own products on the street and thus exposing themselves to very low human and working conditions.

People identified as the target group of the project who are willing to get involved will have their own life story, including the one of developing their skills in making their products, that will be published on a blog dedicated to social issues and different on-line publishing’s. There will be also a documentary that will include photos and videos about that person and her work.
Through this project I want to outline the contribution to the world of that person who is seen by most of us as unworthy because of the social conditions she is in, moreover to bring into light the amazing products that somebody with very low conditions of working and living can do and thus, to reveal the human potential.
The project may imply the contribution of an artist who will collaborate with the persons (beneficiaries) in order to bring the products to a higher degree of beauty, but most of all to give the feeling of the beneficiaries that their products are appreciated and valuable on the market.
At the end of the project the beneficiaries will have the opportunity to expose and sell their products to a fair for a larger exposure and also we will create the story behind each product in images and quotes who will represent their values in life and bring them closer to the social space that normally they are excluded of taking part.

Some of the products that I have seen and will be included in the project are: wooden spoons (of different sizes and multiple use), aromatic plants and herbs, flowers, straw baskets etc.

Here are some examples of decorated wooden spoons

If you feel you can connect with my ideas, I would be glad to share and partner with you in creating a better world.

Any questions you might have, please contact me through the contact form.


This is a project about bringing music into the lives of children from orphanages.

Music is the most ancient form of communication and has a great potential of healing and also of learning, especially for very young children. The concept will include also movement according to the music and rhythm of the songs. Music and movement are considered the most powerful tools of the human body as they imply: hearing, seeing, motricity, coordination, tactile and kinesthetic senses as well as emotions.
My aim is to create and offer a great learning instrument to the people in charge with educating these children that have emotional, communication and coordination difficulties, as this method is proved to have great impact and results on the children perception of life. I also aim to create a connection between the caregiver and the children, as I consider that the daily tasks in such institutions are lacking the true and emotional connection that children in all situations deserve to have. Therefore, there will be 2 major components of the project: 1. Involving the children throughout the process of learning and 2. Involving the caregivers in designing and learning together with children.

The programme itself will imply a collection of 10-12 songs, from witch 80% will be traditional children songs that will be adapted as music and movements to the group specificity. For the other 10-20%, I vision to create songs together with the caregivers. This component should be developed in several workshops that should be concentrated on the needs of the children and caregivers. For example the first workshop can reveal that children from that group have a very difficult time in coping with hygienic rules, so we should create a song about how to wash our hands, teeth, etc. and maybe even going into deeper issues, as expressing emotions or communication.
The current project refers to children aged 3-6 years. As this is a very easy concept to adapt and replicate I see that we could create further special programs for each age group starting form 6mth to 6 years.

At the end of the project we could create a representation/ ceremony and show how children learn different things very easy and with fun through music.
We could also record their voices on the CD and use it as class material during the day, after the project ends.

If you feel you can connect with my ideas, I would be glad to share and partner with you in creating a better world.

Any questions you might have, please contact me through the contact form.


This is a project about reconnecting with the nature and being part of a simple setting involving adults, children, peasants and urban people together celebrating the beauty of our environment and its rich.

I aim to offer a snapshot of a simple and pure way of connecting with our environment, including also human environment.
The project involves the participation of 2-3 groups of people from urban areas in the process of harvest from Voinesti area, Dambovita during the season time.
The project will respond to both needs of rural grower and urban people. On one side, in this rural area during the harvest there is a lack of workers needed for the orchard. This phenomenon became very common in rural areas because of migration or the existence of jobs in other fields that are more desirable. On the other hand, the urban people are not in touch whatsoever with the old tradition and are lacking working in open air and doing pleasant physical work that brings together their family and friends. There are a lot of benefits that somebody would get from such an activity, as: physical, teamwork, communication, working in harmony with nature and local people, etc.
Through this project I want to promote values as: respect of others and appreciation, responsibility, health, working in harmony, helping and sharing in a non-violent or disrespectful way!
The project will imply the participation in 1 preparatory workshop, 1 day activity in the orchard, open-air activities, as: picnic, games for the kids, family interaction, walking, etc.

At the end of the day every participant will receive a certain amount of apples or fresh apple juice and photos taken during their activities.

If you feel you can connect with my ideas, I would be glad to share and partner with you in creating a better world.

Any questions you might have, please contact me through the contact form.