”The people who are crazy enough to think they can Change the world, are the one who actually Do!” (Steve Jobs)

I’ve met a number of people who wanted to make changes, but didn’t know how and where to begin. I was dealing myself for a long period of time with a certain confusion regarding the way I was able to bring the change I wanted around me. The truth is that most of the times, I felt unprepared.
As I don’t necessarily believe in recipes, especially when it comes dealing with human behavior and social problems, I came to the conclusion that there are times when you can take a number of steps in order to start making a change.
This is not about doing your job or manifesting as required in a certain domain. This is about a personal belief and desire to make a change because you feel it’s important. Most of the times, it’s closely related with your internal need of changing something inside you.
So, how can you overcome this feeling of being stuck and having no idea how to proceed?
It’s a sort of illumination process. But, not in that sense of spiritual enlightenment that could send you in a different state of mind and spirit. This could be just the beginning of such a transformation. I would rather choose to stay on the path of achievable things talking about making a difference at the level of here and now. At least for the moment!
Illumination as in seeing inside yourself. The real you! That person who is struggling to find ways and solutions to overcome a situation affecting other people’s life, who cares about what happens around her, who wants and need to take action.
And this is true. You might have such a creative way of finding solutions to problems you want to solve or talents you could use that no other person would have.
I remember here a story I’ve read about a doctor who was working for years in war conflict zones treating children affected by war. Upon his return he said it was not possible for him to live in a well-developed country where life had no struggle in a real sense. He felt the need to go back and continue his precious work in helping others and give them a chance to life. This was his mission.
Whatever you are thinking in changing it could be you mission. Your life mission!
Here are some steps in helping you to start making the change you want around you.
Start from within, by changing your mindset:
1.Believe in yourself
This is the hardest part. To believe that you can do it and know that there is no other person instead of you who’s able to make the change. Give yourself credit for the way you think and act. Whenever you have the feeling that there is not enough reason to do so, you will always have the courage and boldness within you and maybe ask for other people’s help.
2.Envision the outcomes of your cause
Imagine how people would be and feel after your intervention, be it small or big. If you had the power to change 1 life out of 100 it’s still an enormous gift you do to humanity.
As in Christianity, for one soul who is saved, angels are celebrating.
What could be more powerful than seeing your efforts and work have a meaning for other people’s life. This is a good enough reason to not stop. Move forward!
3. Observe what’s happening around you
So many things are happening around us and too many times we do not see them. We pass them. We move on with our own imagined world and problems and do nothing.
What if you start looking? Faces, smiles, tears, conflicts, poverty, ignorance, light and shadows. Everything. Because, everything is part of who you are and how you operate in the world. You need to be connected to what is happening around you. See yourself as part of the world. Not against, not absorbed in its realty, but in.
4.Connect with people
Relationships are the core of human existence. Through relationships you actually get to know yourself, your limits, believes, develop yourself.
As Krishnamurti said ”Understanding of the self only arises in relationship, in watching yourself in relationship to people, ideas, and things; to trees, the earth, and the world around you and within you.”
5. Be patient with yourself
Even if you feel that things are not happening the way and at the speed you want to, you need to reconsider time. Because time is change, at every speed, years, days, minutes, seconds. There is no instrument to measure change. You just know when it happens and you have to let it go and don’t attach to any conventional way of interpreting it.
Now ask yourself: What is my mission and what will I start doing now to complete it?

If this article helped you in giving you an idea on how you want to start making a difference around you, please send me a message about your current ideas of making the world we live in a better place.
This is part of a series of articles regarding change and how to take action in this direction. Start by exercising the change from within and I will make sure you will get all the information you need to put your ideas into practice.

Let’s start working towards a change!
With love,