5 global issues and 1 way to tackle


This is an inspirational story I have read and I’m ready to share it with you.

Is it possible to vision and combine concepts like climate change, health, poverty, spiritual enlightenment and food safety?

Ashel Eldridge from Oakland, just did that and it looks like he’s ready for more.
Being passionate about climate change and wanting to encourage especially young people through education and advocating. First, he founded a bar juice just outside a fast-food restaurant selling fresh juice as an alternative to the unhealthy food sold in many restaurants. He soon realized this is more than producing and selling fresh juice as by doing this he is educating the large public about making healthy choices, protecting the environment in the same time.
Here I would outline his next project that includes an Urban pharmacy. Through this project he is solving issues of food waste, food security, community health, climate and employment. The project is designed to create regional food hubs selling locally sourced foods and healing products, food that is collected from within a 180-mile radius area from urban gardens, small farms and small businesses. It is also envisioned that the food hub will process, store and inventories foraged, donated and locally quality organic seeds. This will be also a home base for locals to heal themselves and learn about healthy options. As for the cycle to be completed, food waste will be turned into a compost product via vermiculture stations positioned around the facility.
Moreover this is a great opportunity for creating green jobs for low-income low-skilled individuals or people recently released form jail.

Ashel’s holistic project is described by himself as being ambitious and requires a lot of work, but he is very conscious of the fact that he needs to get involved in his community before any other individual or organization.



What are the issues around me that affects me, the community I live in and ultimately the world? He is aware of all the aspects surrounding one big issue that is at the surface of the problem. Staying healthy means good food, but also caring about climate, education, employment.


Having a passion is just the start. I need to give my passion a meaning, most of the times involving other people and having a big impact on them.


This is the engine of my dream and passion. Without working hard and devoting my time and energy these two may remain only a good idea.


Being aware of the problem and working hard towards it might not be enough. Ashel has found such a creative way of addressing and solving these problems incorporating his passion and values as well as integrating others.


Dona’t wait for somebody else to come in and solve your own problems. Being responsible is looking at the problems around you and taking them seriously, realizing that they are also part of yourself.

I hope that Ashel’s story inspired you, too and proved to you that this is the way things should be seen and act upon: with passion, creativeness and responsibility.
If you are interested more in Ashel Eldridge’s work, here is his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ashel.s.eldridge

I found this incredible short documentary on sustainable food growth that align with the principles and values presented in Ashel’s story. Please have a look and see that all of this is possible and we can be part of changing our reality and create a better, safer and responsible world.

A Sustainable Reality: Redefining Roots from Namreblis Ekim on Vimeo.

Stay united.