This is a blog about people who inspire throughout their work and prove the existence in each of us of humanity, creativity, love and care.

This blog is about giving back to the world, acknowledge our existence and taking part of life in and around us.
I write about people who inspire, empower and prove there are other ways of living and being responsible, of caring and support.
I write about facts that change the world, the people, their minds and hearts.
I promote developing through different personal projects that have an immediate impact on the people’s life and the potential to be replicated in other settings and life situations.
I believe in compassion, understanding, support and sharing.

This is were I stand. This is what I am. This is what I do.

My dream is to inspire the people so called “the underprivileged”, to work their way and to share a dream of hope.Throughout my dream I get inspired by the people who were doing this in all times, from Jesus to Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Paulo Freire, Muhammad Yunus.
I have worked in the past with vulnerable people, I love the work and most of it, I believe this is my purpose in life. A big part of my life is covered by volunteering in so many different areas of social aspects from people with disabilities, children in risk situations, drug addiction to conferences and public awareness events.
I truly believe, that my passion together with the willingness of people will bring the best results in and around us!
This is my piece of giving!

Stay strong!