I’ve once read a passage that described so beautifully our relation with the world and the way we should connect with it. It was in The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra said that it is as if you are looking at a sunset and by choosing to paint it you are truly connecting with the giving of that moment.
So, I want to paint and give something back to the world.

This is a blog about people who inspire through their work and prove the existence in each of us of humanity, creativity, love and care.
I write about facts that change the world, the people, their minds and hearts.
I promote development through different personal projects that have an immediate impact on the people’s life and the potential to be replicated into other settings and life situations.
I believe in compassion, understanding, support and sharing.
This is where I stand. This is what I am. This is what I do.
It is simply because I feel there are so many wonderful things happening into the world, things thought and done by people dedicated in changing the world and people around them, from improving living conditions to enlightenment and peacemaking.
My dream is to inspire the people so called ”the underprivileged”, to work their way and to share a dream of hope.
Throughout my dream I get inspired by the people who were doing this at all times, from Jesus to Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Paulo Freire, Muhammad Yunus.
I have worked in the past with vulnerable people, I love the work and most of it, I believe this is my purpose in life. A big part of my life is covered by volunteering in so many different areas of social aspects from people with disabilities, children in risk situations, drug addiction to conferences and public awareness events.

I truly believe, that my passion together with the willingness of people will bring the best results in and around us!

What I have to offer through my blog are things that matter and make a difference: stories, documentaries, projects, different activities of people or organizations.
There are so many extraordinary things happening around us that we don’t know, but who would change our perspective of life, thought and feeling connecting with the story and people involved in a certain situation. Imagine an organization or community who would be in a high risk situation (such as flooding or earthquake) and desperately need your help as a volunteer, clothes or water and you would be able to provide and change so many destines.
I believe this is possible! The feelings of empathy and caring, ultimately love, bring us closer to our true nature and spirit.

What about reading a story about one community that have solved in an very creative and peaceful way a problem that is a current and serious issue in your own community? You could be so inspired in acting and providing your knowledge to the people in need and most of the times here we talk also about the authorities that represent us and don’t have the resource in applying new solutions to the problems they encounter.

We can change that!

I invite you to join me on my journey telling stories that change our life!
Stay strong.